Christensen Recovery Services has closed. We thank all of our patients for allowing us to be a part of their lives.



Christensen Recovery Services closed on November 30, 2018.


NOTE:  if you are pregnant and need help with opioids, call 734-368-9871 and ALSO call IHA at 734 622 5016.  If it is an emergency, go to Labor and Delivery at your Obstetrician's hospital or SJMH in Ann Arbor. 

Carl has moved to the IHA Recovery Medicine (734 622 5016) at the Reichert Building at St Joes Hospital..  He will continue as the Medical Director for the Michigan Health Recovery Program and Dawn Farm.  Cathy will be continuing her work with Olive, our Therapy Dog, at local nursing homes.  Stan (The Man) and Bea (Bellatrix) crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently, and we miss them!

in the meantime, we have three new rescue cats (Vito, Louie and Lilly) and a new rescue senior Lab from Tennessee (Lucky Luciano).

If you need follow up:  we can no longer send in electronic prescriptions to patients.  You will need to contact IHA for an appointment or contact another provider.  As always, if you think that there is an emergency, call 911 or go the Emergency Department.

If you need records sent to another provider or need other paperwork, please send a request at:  [email protected]  This email is not encyrpted and not HIPAA compliant; if you need this, fax it to us (below).

We continue to check for messages every 48 hours.  Note that we will need a release of information to send out records and your new provider can fax it to 734-212-2121.

Please read below to find out how to continue your care (or get an appointment if you are a seeking care):

If you are being treated/seeking treatment for chemical dependency (addiction), please contact:

  • IHA Recovery Medicine, Reichert Health Building, Suite 5011, 5333 McAuley  Dr Ypsilanti MI 48197..  Please call 734 622 5016 for an appointment.
  • Packard Health, 3174 Packard Road, Ann Arbor 48108.  Please call 734 474 0011 for an appointment (Dr. Christensen no longer works there but addiction services are available)
    • Patients interested in treatment for chronic pain or addiction should contact IHA unless they are interested in Vivitrol.
    • If you are interested in Vivitrol, call the Packard Clinic.
    • If you are interested in the Sinclair Method for alcohol, call IHA.
    • If you are PREGNANT, please call our voicemail or email (see below); we will get you the earliest possible appointment!
      • if you are pregnant and in withdrawal, and cannot reach any provider, go to your Labor and Delivery and ask for help.
  • If you are being treated for chronic pain, please call IHA Recovery Specialists (above).
  • If you are seeking detox services (ie, inpatient) you can also go to to find out who would be funding your treatment, depending on where you live.  If you are in Washtenaw County, call 734 669 8265; if you are in Wayne County, call 800 241 4949.


  • We are going to continue this website, our office voicemail and email address into 2019 (see below).
  • If you wish to have your records sent to a new provider, please fax a release form (from your new provider) to 734-212-2121.  
  • Please contact us directly at [email protected] or (734) 368-9871.  You can also use our "contact us" form on this website.

We want to thank all our patients for allowing us to be involved in your care and your recovery. It has been a privilege to work with you!

            Carl, Cathy, Sherrie, Tracy, Stacy.....and Olive!



Christensen Recovery Services

Carl W. Christensen, MD, PhD
Cathy M. Christensen, MSN, FNP-C