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December 08, 2017:  

  • Please contact us directly at crsstaff@christensenrecovery.com or (734) 368-9871.  You can also use our "contact us" form.
  • Please remember that our email to you(via your web browser)  is encrypted; however the security of your emails to us depend upon the security of your email provider. If you wish for ALL communication to be encrypted, we recommend going to www.hushmail.com and establish a hushmail account which will encrypt all your emails.
  • This week, we are open:
    • Tuesday 12/12, 930 to 1130 and 130 to  430
    • Wednesday afternoon, 12/13, 130 to 630
    • Friday, 12/15, 930 to 1130 
  • Next week we are open:
    • Tuesday 12/19, 930 to 1130 and 130 to  430
    • Wednesday afternoon, 12/20, 130 to 630
  •  If you believe your appointment date/time is wrong, or you have forgotten your appointment, please contact us at crsstaff@christensenrecovery.com.
  • We are now offering treatment of alcohol dependence with the Sinclair Method (oral Naltrexone). Please contact us at crsstaff@christensenrecovery.com  for more information.
  • We are asking that everyone communicate with us via email at crsstaff@christensenrecovery.com. If you do not have email we will try and reach you by phone but can only make a limited number of attempts. We will send a response by encrypted email that opens in your web browser.
  • In order to accommodate the increased numbers of patient requests, we are requesting that all patients who are seeking treatment for chemical dependence (including Sinclair Method patients) come by and complete our paperwork and do lab testing prior to an appointment with one of our providers.  We will post our hours every Friday for the following week when you can come by and see us.  If you want, you can complete the form ahead of time (see FORMS) but we will still need to see you.
  • We are now offering Naltrexone Injection (Vivitrol) for treatment of opioid dependence!! Medicaid covers this service.
  • Medicaid is not paying for Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Zubsolv) for chronic pain. Because of this, we are unable to take Medicaid patients for chronic pain. 
  • Contact us at crsstaff@christensenrecovery.com for any questions. 
  • VISIT OUR BLOG AT: www.christensenrecovery.wordpress.com for the latest info on our office and health information.


What we offer:

Addiction evaluation
Addiction treatment
-buprenorphine (Suboxone/Zubsolv), vivitrol (naltrexone), sinclair method, alcohol detox, benzo detox.
Chronic pain medication management & pain medication detox-warning about not providing narcotics without a planned taper, etc.
Addiction management during pregnancy
Pain medication management during pregnancy


Christensen Recovery Services

Carl W. Christensen, MD, PhD
Cathy M. Christensen, MSN, FNP-C